Amanda Flory Hair Salon



Owner & Creative Director

Hi I’m Amanda, I have been working for over 20 years now and am an expert in the hairdressing industry.
Having worked alongside some of the finest artists from all over the world, I am more passionate today about hairdressing that I have ever been.
I had a dream of becoming a hairdresser at 6 years old, now I am the proud owner of Amanda Flory hairdressing where I have created an environment of like minded, talented artists and going to work is simply a dream come true.
Creative work is my thing, attention to detail and transformation are my strengths, along with bridal hair and styling for shows. I love hair up and precision cutting.
My latest passion is specialising in care for clients who are preparing to embark on a hair loss journey. Preparing clients mentally and physically, through to cutting their hair at each stage until they are ready to wear a pre prepared wig which will mirror the style they are already used to wearing. This is a complimentary service I offer and I am looking to expand my knowledge by studying Trichology. This will enable me to to continue to help a wider range of hair loss sufferers.
I love all aspects of hairdressing but working alongside my fantastic team and our wonderful clients is what really makes me tick and feeds my passion.


Designer Stylist

Hi I’m Jess, I am Designer Stylist at Amanda Flory Hairdressing. I first joined the salon in 2019 and have loved it from the start. I am a confident stylist and get real joy and satisfaction from making my clients feel their best. I really enjoy using classic precision cutting techniques but also love doing the more freehand creative looks. Colour is another passion of mine, I follow trends and new ideas closely to keep my approach fresh and up to date. Over the years I have done many courses such as barbering, balayage and various colour courses, keeping my knowledge current is really important to me. My next goal is to attain my official Assessor qualification. I currently train all of the apprentices in the salon and really enjoy watching them grow, I am excited to gain more knowledge and learn new and different ways of teaching. I find training very rewarding and love seeing my trainees grow in confidence. I am currently enjoying my maternity leave but I am loving my keeping in touch days and can’t wait to return to the salon full time next year.


Head Stylist

Hi I’m Jordan, I am Head Stylist at Amanda Flory Hairdressing, I originally came to the salon to cover maternity leave but loved it so much that I am now a permanent member of the team. I split my work life between this salon and another high end salon in London. I love the London vibe and that I bring my creative, edgy style to Weybridge.
I am a bit of an all rounder. I really enjoy free hand colour such as Balayage and face framing work. I love the freedom and creativity these techniques allow and that you can really taylor each client’s look to suit them and their style.
I also have an interest in curly hair and am currently learning the Curly Girl method in the salon. When it comes to cutting hair I enjoy mens cuts, bob hair cuts and long hair with waves!
It is important for me to be up to date with all the latest techniques and methods as this helps me grow as a stylist, I hope to attend some courses this year to keep me fresh and on trend.


Senior Stylist

Hi I’m Holly, I am Senior Stylist at Amanda Flory Hairdressing. I am an original member of the team and part of the furniture having been at the salon from the very beginning! My favourite part of being a stylist is building a bond with my client and getting to know them and their hair really well. I love making people feel amazing by really listening and exceeding their expectations.
My passion in hair is making a colour as natural as possible, using very fine highlights and bringing out the clients best features, I also love balayage and giving people gorgeous bouncy beach waves.
I take pleasure in helping with the service side of the salon making sure that the finishing touches are just right, I have a keen eye for detail and enjoy making peoples experience really special.



Hi, I’m Megan, I am a Stylist at Amanda Flory Hairdressing. I have worked at the salon for 5 years now having completed my Level 3 NVQ and I am now enjoying being a busy stylist on the salon floor.
I love all aspects of hairdressing but I have a particular passion for hair up and anything creative. I love styling for big events such as proms, parties and Ascot, coming up with inventive and beautiful hair to make people feel really special.
I have recently completed a course in Bellami Hair Extensions and I am now the salons extensions specialist. I love how adding these gorgeous extensions can build my clients confidence. By simply adding fullness and length it can really transform a persons hair and make them feel amazing.
I love learning and I am always looking to improve my skills, In the future I would like the opportunity to gain more experience in editorial work, shows and photo shoots.


Junior Stylist

Hi I’m Emily, Junior Stylist at Amanda Flory Hairdressing. I am now in my 5th year of working at the salon, having originally started as an assistant and just recently qualifying for my NVQ Level 2 in Hairdressing. I am looking forward to starting my Level 3 shortly and am already getting busy on the salon floor.
Alongside managing a growing column I am also the Curl Girl Ambassador at Amanda Flory Hairdressing. Having completed training this year, I am now helping Clients to manage and love their curls. I find this very rewarding and really enjoy showing people how to learn the technique and embrace their curls.
My main interests when it comes to hair are highlighting and hair up, I love the tomes you can achieve with blonde hair and hope to do more courses on this to help perfect my technique and expand my knowledge.
I love learning and trying new things. I was very lucky to attend London Fashion week with the team a while back and would love the opportunity to do this again in the future.


Salon Floor Manager

Hi I’m Kasia, I am Reception Manager at Amanda Flory Hairdressing. I have been at the salon for 4 years now and love how my role has evolved in that time. I love customer service and l take pride in making sure that every client has the very best experience during their visit. I have entered us for multiple awards over the last few years and am extremely proud that these have lead to us winning Best salon, Best team and Best Customer Experience amongst others.
My other passion is sustainability and I have transformed the salons ethos over the last year, making us much more aware and taking steps to change as many things in the salon as possible. A few of the major changes we have made are how we dispose of salon waste and moving over to a more sustainable and ethical product range. I am really proud that we are making a difference and will continue to look for other ways to improve our carbon foot print.
Going forward I hope to attend some courses on sustainability and also to expand my managerial knowledge.




We are thrilled to welcome Lissie to the team! with her friendly, bubbly personality and a keen passion to learn we know that she will thrive in the salon. Lissie will be embarking on her level 2 qualification and our trainer Jess will be guiding her in salon training. Lissie has already perfected our signature head massage and is looking forward to meeting you all.

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