Amanda Flory Hair Salon

Curl Service

At Amanda Flory Hair we are helping our clients to love their curls.

Whether you have always worn your hair curly or are just beginning to embrace your curls.

Following the method taught by curl guru Matt Surplice, our curl experts will advise you, using specialist techniques to ensure that you get the very best from your curly hair.

Unlike conventional haircuts, curly hair needs to be treated very differently! No two curls are the same, so our experts cut curl by curl. Taking into consideration your individual curl pattern, coil strength, hair texture and face shape. Hair is cut when dry, in its natural form because this is how your hair naturally falls. Using this technique ensures that we achieve the right shape and volume for your hair.

Teaming this specialist method of cutting with the fantastic Only Curls products means you can finally have the best curls of your life!

Full Curl Service

Curl Consultation

Special Cleanse With Only Curls Products

Gentle Diffuser Dry

Curl By Curl Cut With Curl Expert

£99 – £115

1.5hr appt

(When booking please select the Curly Cut service as the appointment is longer than for other cutting services)

Express Oxygenated Service

Curl Consultation

Curl By Curl Cut With Curl Expert

£79 – £92

1hr appt

( Hair must have been freshly washed and left to dry naturally on the day of the appointment)

For more information please call the salon on – 01932855557