Amanda Flory Hair Salon

We are thrilled to have won Most Sustainable Salon in Surrey at the Salon Awards in November! This award is very close to our heart after all of the hard work we put in to the salon over the past year to make it more sustainable. We plan to work even harder this year to make more changes and to improve our carbon footprint as much as we can!


At Amanda Flory Hairdressing, we are taking steps to make our salon more sustainable and decrease our carbon foot print. This is very important to us and we continue to strive to do anything we can, big or small to make a difference. We are also taking part in local community projects such as team litter picks and regularly have walk to work days. We have banned one use plastic bottles in the salon too.

We are still relatively new to this journey and are determined to improve bit by bit wherever we can as time goes along….

Things that we are proud to have implemented so far

Davines Hair:

This fantastic company are way ahead of the game and well on their way to being carbon neutral, they are already plastic neutral and their Parma offices and production buildings are now carbon neutral. Their products are made thoughtfully, with natural ingredients to have the least impact possible. Davines use bio plastics and sugar cane for their packaging and are a part of B Corp and plastic bank. The company also work hard to benefit people and the community, investing in many projects worldwide.

Only Curls:

Only Curls are a British company creating gorgeous vegan products with beautiful natural ingredients. Products are cruelty free, paraben, sulfate and silicone free and all plastic packaging is Bio plastic.

Scrummi Towels:

We now use Scrummi disposable towels in the salon, these are fully biodegradable and made from sustainable sources. They save energy in the salon.

First Mile Recycling:

First Mile ensure nothing goes to landfill and recycle our Hair, Foil and chemicals, anything that cannot be physically recycled is turned into renewable green energy. All of our other recycling is taken to a local recycling centre.

Ecover Cleaning Products:

We use eco- friendly cleaning products throughout the salon including when washing gowns.

Eco Heads:

Our basins are fitted with Eco heads which increase water pressure and save water.

Nespresso Coffee:

We use Nespresso coffee and recycle our coffee pods. They are also working with fair trade.

Tea Pigs Teas:

An ethical company with recyclable packaging.

Filtered water and soda stream:

All of our water is filtered or carbonated in the salon using Britta and Soda Stream, both of which offer a recycling programme.